Pulling Business Data from FluentCRM

By: Ken Lyle | Asked: 07/03/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsPulling Business Data from FluentCRM
Ken LyleKen Lyle asked 10 months ago
Can Formidable use FluentCRM data as a datasource, by chance? Meaning the Businesses, Contacts, and the requests by the user for a quote on a specific product from their order, which I think would be a custom post type (requests)? First, if I a going to use the Contract Generator app, I shoud be able to pull in the Business Name associated with the user, as this is B2B. Second, what are the capabilities of Formidable to build an app that shows relational data, one to many?  Say, between the user and their requests?
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 10 months ago
Formidable can access any data in the database. You'll need custom code, but I've even used SQL Server with Formidable.

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