Query and return API result within a form

By: Neal Foster | Asked: 01/09/2024
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Neal FosterNeal Foster asked 5 months ago


Happy New Year to everyone.

I have contacted Formidable Forms support who pointed me in the direction of the forum here to ask for some help.

I have a form that has some calculations in it to output an estimated return on SEO (search engine optimisation) investment.

The first field asks the user to input some target keywords, separated by a comma.

My challenge is I need to send these keywords via API to some software such as SEMrush/Keywords everywhere to return a monthly search volume for the keywords inputted. I need to insert this number into a hidden number field to allow my calculations to work.

Here is my form: https://www.wild-fire.dev/seocalc/

Support advised this can be done via jQuery within the form - however, it's a little above my experience level.

Can anyone provide any advice/support for me?


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