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By: Fadelle Noel | Asked: 11/03/2023
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Fadelle Noel asked 6 months ago
Hello, is it possible to isolate the values of the radiobutton options as it is with the Likert lines?
Unfortunately, Likert allows you to select more than one item at a time if they are placed on separate lines. It does not force selection between two lines. We need to ensure that if someone clicks on A, we add the value to one calculation group, and if they click on B, we add the value to another calculation group. We want to make a profile and, based on the answers, see in which profile the person falls. Is there any way of doing this?

For the moment, I'm compiling the data in Excel with the CSV file.
Victor Font replied 6 months ago

I'm not sure what you're asking here. What do you mean by "isolate the values of the radiobutton options"? What is a calculation group?

Both Likert and NPS fields are variations of radio button fields. All of the radio button fields work the same and you can use separate values. You can use standard radio button fields that you can customize to look anyway you want with CSS.

Each row in a Likert field is a separate radio button group. Each option in each radio button group is identified by its own id. This clearly means each radio button can be isolated to be used in a calculation.

If none of the radio button options that are available to you in Formidable will work with your requirement, please provide a more detailed use case. Understanding the use case will clarify the requirement and maybe someone will be able to help.

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Fadelle Noel answered 6 months ago

Thank you for your reply.
In fact, we want to add up the value in a specific group. i.e. 
Question 1
A (value = 1 but in the Visionary group)
B (value = 1 but in the Controllers group)
Question 2 
A (value = 1 but in the Mobilizers group)
B (value = 1 but in the Visionary group)
Visionary group = 2 (Q1 A + Q2 B)
Mobilizers group = 1 
Controllers group = 1.

Fadelle Noel replied 6 months ago

This principle for 81 questions

Victor Font replied 6 months ago

How do you identify which group is answering the questions? Are there specific WordPress roles?

Fadelle Noel replied 6 months ago

No. In fact I want to be able to add up the values to get the total for each category in a field. Unlike the Likert which has an ID for each row, the Radio button options don't seem to have this ID for A or B for which I could do a simple addition... [ID Q1A]+[ID Q2B] etc... Am I right ? Or is there a way to do this ?

Victor Font replied 6 months ago

Like I said, they do have an ID. You should use jQuery. You can identify the individual IDs for each option by examining the HTML in your browser's inspector tool..

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