Random questions pulled from master list.

By: Justin Taylor | Asked: 05/29/2023
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Justin Taylor asked 11 months ago

I am working on generating quizzes based on questions from a master list.  The general idea is that we have a master list of questions and that we would select a subset of random questions from the list so that each time a user takes the survey they have a "fresh" quiz experience. I found this post that provides a code snippet on randomizing the order of questions: (https://connect.formidableforms.com/question/category/code-snippets/how-to-randomize-the-order-of-fields-i-created-a-quiz-without-using-quiz-mode-now-i-need-to-randomly-order-of-the-questions/). Before I cul de sac my self into an approach completely inappropriate for this platform because of my relative inexperience with it, how should I think about doing something like this?   How would the bucket of question best be stored, have Formidable query the bucket of question and populate a subset of the questions into a form? Ideally I would love to "stay within Formidable" so that when Formidable updates are pushed out I don't have to worry about integration and comparability problems.  Thanks. J.

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