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By: Stephen Walker | Asked: 08/31/2022
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Stephen Walker asked 2 years ago
Is there a capability to rank five items from 1-5 and have them connected so that only one item can have a score of 1, one with a score of 2, etc.? If not, has anybody had to create a similar capability that they can share or point to a reference?
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Victor Font answered 2 years ago

What are you trying to rank? There are many ways to accomplish what you want, but it depends on the field types you are using. There is no single answer. Please explain your process with more detail and maybe someone can provide an answer.

Stephen Walker replied 2 years ago


This is a rate your resource with a listing of five resources ranked from 1-5. What I really want is a layout that looks like the Likert layout in the designer (not how it shows up in the front end - scale across the top (1-5) and radio buttons that are mutually exclusive - there can only be one resource that is a 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 (imagine a drag and drop rank order)

I am using a conversational for, so these options have to appear as one question.

Chris AdamsChris Adams answered 2 years ago

Hi Stephen, We did something like this a few years ago and made the fields drag & drop in order of preference. Theres a demo here: https://www.fdmdigital.co.uk/formidable-forms-drag-drop-fields/ It's a few years old now but i think the method should still work ok.

Stephen Walker replied 2 years ago

That would be a good option. Is this all custom code? Can you share the how it was done?

Chris AdamsChris Adams replied 2 years ago

Hi Stephen.

The link i sent you has the method of how to re-create it under the demo. I'm not sure if it will work with a conversational form as it does require some custom code but it might be worth a try.

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