Redirected to 403 page when creating a form.

By: Anselm Obilor | Asked: 06/14/2022
ForumsCategory: General questionsRedirected to 403 page when creating a form.
Anselm ObilorAnselm Obilor asked 2 years ago
Hello i am trying to create a new registration form but it keeps bring the 403 page when i click on update. Please why do I keep getting redirected to 403 when i click on update after inputting all my fields. It’s really frustrating me right now i have tried several times. I have never had this issue before when creating a form 
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Victor Font answered 2 years ago
I've never had this issue creating a form either, so let's try some diagnostic questions. First, let's understand what a 403 error means. The HTTP 403 Forbidden response status code indicates that the server understands the request but refuses to authorize it. With the 403 Forbidden status code re-authenticating makes no difference. The access is permanently forbidden and usually tied to an application's logic, such as insufficient rights to a resource, but which application's logic, WordPress or Formidable? 1. Have you tried resaving the WordPress permalinks? 2. Are you certain you have the right server permissions? YOu may need to have your host's support team help with this. 3. Are you using any security plugins like WordFence perhaps? Security plugins can block form actions unless exceptions are applied. 4. Are the entries being saved to the database? If they are, then the problem may be related to a redirect. 5. After an entry is saved, are you redirecting to another page like a thank you or something else, or are you displaying the default message? 6. If all else fails, try walking through WordPress conflict checking. Disable all plugins. Does the error go away? If so, enable each plugin one at a time and save a new entry until you find the conflict. 7. Enable WordPress debug and look for errors in debug.log. 8. Check the server PHP error logs for errors. PHP error logs are usually found in the site's root directory or wp-admin although they can be in any subdirectory when a PHP error occurs. 9. Are you using the latest versions of PHP, WordPress, and all plugins? 10. Check the form permissions in Formidable's global settings and on the form's permissions page.
Anselm ObilorAnselm Obilor answered 2 years ago
Ok thanks let me try all the checks you listed 
Anselm ObilorAnselm Obilor answered 2 years ago
Hello please i check my site and everything seems to be working fine then i tried some few things with the formidable. I started imputing the field one at a time then update and noticed when i tried to use the drop down field that’s when i start to get that 404 redirect error. Is there something i am not doing right with the drop down please assist me urgently. 

My steps : - i click on the drop down the then rename the field label - set it to required  - give it a class of frm_half - the drop down option name the first Male and second Female  then i click on update. 
But when i do that i get the error please help me 
Anselm ObilorAnselm Obilor answered 2 years ago
The issue is that i can’t use the drop down… and i would like to use it for an input how do i go about it please 
Victor Font replied 2 years ago

I've never seen dropdowns not work. I suspect you have something that isn't configured correctly, but what that is can't be determined without examining your site. As community volunteers, we can't spend that much time helping pro bono. I suggest you hire a developer to help you solve this problem. Please visit the Formidable Masterminds Developers Directory to find someone that may be able help at a reasonable cost. (

Markku Lehtola answered 1 year ago
Got, exactly the same problem...latest FF, latest WP, PHP 7.4. Only dropdown is giving the 403. Weird stuff.
Markku Lehtola answered 1 year ago
Problem solved by my webhotel provider, they had to update their ModSecurity rules and that was causing the error.

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