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By: Rudi JvR | Asked: 06/26/2023
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Rudi JvR asked 10 months ago

I have a form with many fields one of which is a lookup referencing another form to populate a Dropdown field.  

I'm using a Modal Popup to access the source form for my lookup to capture new entries if required.  

Unfortunately the Lookup field doesn't refresh after submitting a new value from the Modal Popup (Ajax submit).  Is there a hook I can use to refresh only the Lookup field after a new entry was added via the Modal popup form?    

1 Answers
Bobby Clapp answered 9 months ago

I don't have a great example, but it's going to be something like:

$("#mydiv").load(location.href + " #mydiv");

Where #mydiv represents the ID of the form field you want to "reload" without a page refresh.

Khaldoun Dahnous replied 8 months ago

Thanks very much , where i can put this code ?

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