Register same user on different Multisite

By: Milan Horky | Asked: 07/02/2024
ForumsCategory: General questionsRegister same user on different Multisite
Milan Horky asked 3 weeks ago
I have a question about using the User Registration Add-on (Form) in a multisite environment. We are using the user registration add-on (form), but we encounter issues within the multisite setup. When I attempt to use the user registration form on the site, and the same user (username, email) is already registered on another subsite (, the system does not allow the user to register on This issue occurs in both the frontend and backend, and only works when importing via CSV. Am I correct in thinking that all the benefits (such as creating user metadata, roles, etc.) of the Registration Add-on are ineffective in a multisite environment? Or am I missing something? Thanks a lot, Milan
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