repeater 'add' button not working for subscriber

By: Sam Piper | Asked: 07/02/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsrepeater 'add' button not working for subscriber
Sam Piper asked 10 months ago
HI -  I have a form with two repeater sections to collect data (from a drop down) and values (manually entered).  As the admin, the form works correctly with no issues.  As a subscriber - the "add" a row action of the repeater does not work, but if I click the "remove" button the default row will be deleted (also true as admin - expected behavior) but I cannot "add" it back.  I have section totals and and other calculations that are working as expected (based on the values I enter in the default row). The form is restricted to logged in users, and I have set "Allow front-end editing of entries" to logged in users as well. I have the same issue with a separate "test repeater" where that is the only item on the form/page.  Any idea? Thanks.
Victor Font replied 10 months ago

Are there any jQuery errors in your console?

1 Answers
Sam Piper answered 10 months ago
Hi.  No, the only error is a warning about a bootstrap css file.  With the inspect window open, no event errors are being logged either.  The thing that's crazy is both the original form, and the test form are working as expected as admin.  I cannot figure out why it's just the "add.". Why does remove work? (Don't answer that ;-) Even as subscriber I can submit the form successfully.
Sam Piper replied 10 months ago

For now - I have removed the repeater(s). I need to move on and this issue has cost too much time. I don't understand the repeaters and their data structures very well. I just created an alternate layout to collect the data and it's all coming through the REST api fine. I really like the repeaters, especially for mobile. It's a nice way to conserve screen space.

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