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By: Asheley Bailey | Asked: 01/16/2023
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Asheley Bailey asked 1 year ago
For some reason I can't get this to work This the shortcode for adding an edit link to a repeater view. [ frm-entry-edit-link id="[parent_id]" label="Edit" page_id=y]   I have front-end edit turned on for admin (which is me). My view is public.    For some reason it displays the entire shortcode. My filter content is setup as Run Formidable Shortcodes only.    I'm baffled.   This is what mine looks like   [frm-entry-edit-link id="[34]" label="Edit" page_id=4958]   Parent form is 34 The form is on page 4958
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Bobby Clapp answered 1 year ago
The brackets you have surrounding the value 34 would indicate a field ID. If the entry ID is indeed 34, then no brackets.
Asheley Bailey replied 1 year ago

turns out [parent_id] is supposed to stay in the shortcode. only the y should be edited. wow lol.

Asheley Bailey replied 1 year ago

but you led me to that answer calling out the entry ID. Thank you!!

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