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By: steven k | Asked: 11/02/2022
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steven k asked 1 year ago
Hi All, I am new in here. I have used Gravity forms for years, but recently I need to setup some fields with repeaters.  Clearly, Gravity forms doesn't have that feature, but only via coding or nested forms, which I don't like that way. So I did some research and found formidable forms. Before I buy, I just want to know if the fields with conditional logics in the group can be repeated or not? For example, I have 3 fields in the group need to be repeated, 1st and 2nd field will be visable, 3rd field is hidden only is you select a value from 2nd field. Will the repeater work for this kind of group? Also, is that possible to have sequence lable/dynamic label for repeaters? For example, I repeated x times, heading showing group 1, group 2, group 3, ...... group x+1  Thanks heaps  
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Bobby Clapp answered 1 year ago

Conditional fields should work within repeaters. If your looking to keep track of the number of repeaters, you might use this:

steven k replied 1 year ago

Hey there,

Thanks for the reply. Very helpful. I will let client know and if they are happy, I will switch to your form.


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