Repeater view problem

By: Jon Stu | Asked: 04/02/2024
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Jon Stu asked 3 weeks ago

On the front end of my site I would like to show an entry listing and you then click on this and see a details page. Incuded in the details page is a view of a repeater, where you can click on each repeater entry (an image) and it shows a details page of that entry. Hope that's clear!

So, I have a form collecting user details with a repeater at the end. The repeater has an image and a text field.
I have a view A showing this forms entries, with a listing and details page and view B showing the repeater entries. With a filter: Parent entry ID equals [get param=p_id]. I have put View B in the details section of View A. When the user views the page, you can see the repeater entries all good, but only when View B is set to just listings.
If you create a details page for View B, and link to this from the listing page, it shows no entries when you view the page. How can I get details page for a repeater, inside another view?
If this is not possible, can I just see a larger version of each image in the repeater view?

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