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By: Eoin O | Asked: 01/05/2023
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Eoin O asked 1 year ago
Noticed some very odd spam recently from one of our forms. Have a reCaptcha on it and several required fields, but received 5 recent submissions that did not have most of the required fields and the IPs were not local. One of the fields that was filled out read "Testing by CyberTech-solutions" so assume someone was doing some sort of penetration testing. Don't see any way that the form can be submitted with the required fields (even if JavaScript is disabled) so wondering if there's a security hole in the plugin or if there's something I'm missing?  
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Victor Font answered 1 year ago
I’ve never heard of anything like that happening with Formidable before. It sounds like they may have found some back door either through REST or another plugin. There was a recent article about a Linux malware that targets WordPress plugins. Have you run any malware scans? Have you researched CyberTech solutions to see if they’re legit? Can you find a contact number to reach out to them?
Eoin O replied 1 year ago

Ran a malware scan and came up clean. Everything else is up-to-date.

There's a couple "cybertech solutions" companies out there, but no idea which one it is. Haven't seen any new spammy emails in a month so might have to just cross fingers and hope that's it. Doubt I can diagnose further, but thanks for the suggestions!

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