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By: Michael Tidbury | Asked: 03/16/2023
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Michael Tidbury asked 1 year ago

On a Login Page I am using the login password shortcode [frm-login label_username="Administrator ID" remember=0  show_lost_password="1" **See PS below].

On the Login Page the "Forgot your password?" appears and when clicked redirects to the Reset Password page (set in Global Settings) which has the shortcode [frm-reset-password].

The user enters their email address and the 'Link sent message' appears and the user is redirected back to the Login Page (set in Global Settings).

The email arrives with a link which the documentation says when clicked should take the user to the 'Lost Password' page (see bottom of para 5) with the option to enter the new password. However, the link takes the user back to the Reset Password page again. I cannot see where to set the 'Lost Password' page since it is not in the registration section in Global Settings.

Can anyone help please?


**PS There is also a redirect in the frm-login: redirect="" class="frm_style_formidable-login-style" which works fine and is only applicable on valid login.

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