Rich text editing werdness

By: Jon Stu | Asked: 04/02/2024
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Jon Stu asked 3 weeks ago
I have a rich text field in a form, and editing on the front end. The user can edit the entry, but some things update in the rich text field and some things don't. Editing the text works, making text bold works, but adding a line or adding a link doesn't update. Its quite weird. I can add a link or a line in the back end, and it appears and the user can see the line when they edit the entry, but it disappears when you view the page. Any ideas?
Jon Stu replied 3 weeks ago

If anyone else gets this, I've been told by support that certain user roles are restricted in what they can use in a rich text field for security. This can be overriden by a shortcode.

Victor Font replied 3 weeks ago

Is this resolved? If so, I'll close the thread.

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