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By: Chris Titus | Asked: 01/26/2023
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Chris Titus asked 1 year ago
I have multiple clients who use Salesforce.  Does the Salesforce add-on allow me to create forms for each client and then connect the forms to the different clients' CRMs?
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 1 year ago

According to the Sales Force add-on documentation, each installation is for a single account. If you are accessing multiple sales force accounts, you need a WordPress/Formidable environment for each one. The sales force add-on requires a Consumer Key and Consumer Secret key installed in Formidable settings. The Consumer Key and Consumer Secret key comes from your connected APP setting in Sales Force.

Chris Titus replied 1 year ago

Thanks Victor! As a work-around, how about using Zapier to connect different forms to different clients' CRM accounts? Do you think that would work? Thanks again

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