Save Draft Not Working

By: Christopher Akins | Asked: 06/18/2024
ForumsCategory: General questionsSave Draft Not Working
Christopher Akins asked 1 month ago
Hi -  I'm working on my first ever form with a save draft feature. The form is a three page form.  I set my form up as in the two videos I found put out by Formidable.  However, the form has a few issues:
  1. The 'save draft' link makes the form advance to the next page.
  2. The pop-up alert that requires an email address doesn't pop-up until the form gets to the last page.  I only found this out by intentionally clicking the "save draft" link twice.  
  3. Once the pop-up alert with the email field does show up, filling it in and clicking "save draft" doesn't make the alert box go away.  It gives no indication anything has happened.

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