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By: Hen Elkarat | Asked: 02/21/2024
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Hen Elkarat asked 3 months ago
I have a form and it's a long one with more than 50 pages, 
I can see that only the logged users entries are saved the ones from "incognito" are not shown at all, not in draft mode even 
I would like to see them even if they only reached page 5 out of 50. how can I see all of them? 

Also, another thing is that after saving the "Email" filed (page 40/50) sometimes the users get a "blank" page instead of continuing with the flow, any suggestions? 

1 Answers
Victor Font answered 3 months ago
Whatever is happening is probably related to your environment. Nothing that you are experiencing has ever been reported on this forum before and it's not representative of Formidable's normal behavior. You need someone to look at your site. Community volunteers may not offer their services to look at your site without a paid project. I suggest you open a support ticket with Strategy 11.
Hen Elkarat replied 3 months ago

so you can save entries from not logged-in users?
or do you mean the problem with the blank email?

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