Saving form entries to Remote SQL Databases

By: kurt2 kurt2 | Asked: 01/02/2023
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kurt2 kurt2 asked 1 year ago
Just curious if Formidable supports storing entries into external databases? For example, we don't want our client entries stored in the WP database instead in our own database where we can manipulate the data from our own CRM. This DB is stored somewhere such as AWS. Is this something that can be configured? We are trying to streamline our CRM so we don't have to manually input client information sent to us by email. I understand this can be done with Zapier but this is more of a workaround than a permanent solution.
2 Answers
Victor Font answered 1 year ago
Not directly and you cannot bypass the WordPress database. Developers regularly integrate Formidable data with external CRMs. How to integrate depends entirely on the external CRM. Formidable has add-ons for Salesforce, Hubspot, and Highrise. It also has a Zapier connector that can be used to connect with any CRM for which Zapier has a connector. Apart from this, if the CRM/external database has a REST API, Formidable can send/receive data from it. I've also connected Formidable to MS SQL Server through ODBC.
kurt2 kurt2 answered 1 year ago
thank you for your response.

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