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By: S F | Asked: 02/22/2024
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S F asked 2 months ago
Perhaps I am missing something. I understand you can click a download link to get a custom pdf based upon a view. However, is there a way to have the custom pdf automatically sent as an attachment in a response email? In the actions section, selecting the pdf attachment just sends the form entries as a pdf attachment, not the custom pdf. I can't seem to find where I would direct it to my custom pdf format and use that to send as an attachment. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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S F answered 2 months ago

OK. I figured this out on my own in the event it's helpful to someone else... Step 1: Create a child theme. You can do this manually or use a plugin. I used: Step 2: Place the following code in the functions.php file.
// Apply a Formidable Forms view for the attached PDF in email
add_filter( 'frm_pdfs_email_attachment_args', 'add_view_to_attached_pdf', 10, 2 );
function add_view_to_attached_pdf( $pdf_args, $args ) {
    if($args['form']->id ==5) { //change 5 to the ID of the form
         $pdf_args['view'] = 2; // ID of view.
       $pdf_args['id']   = $args['entry']->id; // Do this to show the detail view, otherwise, it shows the listing view.
       return $pdf_args;
//Customize the PDF Name
add_filter( 'frm_pdfs_email_attachment_args', 'change_attached_pdf_file_name', 10, 2 );
function change_attached_pdf_file_name( $pdf_args, $args ) {
    // Use the actual numeric field ID here instead of 'field_id'
    $field_id = 1; // This is the ID of the field you want to include in the filename
    $field_value = ''; // Default to an empty string if the field value is not found
    if ( isset( $args['entry']->metas[$field_id] ) ) {
        $field_value = $args['entry']->metas[$field_id]; // Fetch the field value
    // Append the field value to the filename
    $pdf_args['filename'] = 'Stuff-' . $field_value; // Change 'Stuff-' to anything you want
    return $pdf_args;

Pretty simple actually.

S F answered 1 week ago
Nothing like forgetting how to do this..coming here to search for a possible answer...and realizing I solved this once before. LOL 

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