Setting up Stripe in Test Mode only

By: Roland Jungwirth | Asked: 10/24/2023
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Roland Jungwirth asked 6 months ago
I am testing a subscription workflow on my local test server and have signed up for Stripe to do this. Stripe is not available in my country, but after checking with Stripe, I can use it in test mode. When I try to connect Stripe in test mode, FF tells me that I am not connected, and that I need to "finish Stripe setup", which I can't due to above reasons. So, how can I connect to Stripe in test mode only?
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Victor Font answered 6 months ago

Why do you want to use Stripe in test mode when test mode doesn't accept real credit cards, especially when you're not permitted to use it in your country? What are you trying to accomplish?

Roland Jungwirth replied 6 months ago

I have clients in countries that us Stripe. As I am building an integration for some of those, I need to be able to test this on my side first. And - before you ask - I cannot "just use their account" 😉

Victor Font replied 6 months ago

You already said you can't "finish Stripe setup due to above reasons". You gave one reason. Stripe is not available in your country. If Stripe isn't available in your country, I don't know how community volunteers like us can help get you settled. If you followed the setup instructions,, and it's not working, I suggest you open a ticket with Strategy 11 support.

Roland Jungwirth replied 6 months ago

As stated, the problem is not Stripe - I am allowed to use Stripe for testing purposes, hence it is in test mode. It seems FF (for some reason) cannot connect to this until I have finished the setup process for PRODUCTION use. Which isn't the point and irrelevant for TESTING.

The reason why I am asking here first is to find out whether someone has achieved this and can offer guidance. I'll ping Strategy11 then.

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