Showing both Credit Card & Bank account buttons is confusing

By: Diane Minks | Asked: 12/08/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsShowing both Credit Card & Bank account buttons is confusing
Diane Minks asked 4 months ago

HI! I've got a form setup so the customer can decide to pay by credit card or by ACH Bank account payment.  Is there any way to use a conditional to show only the Credit Card or the ACH Bank account fields (not both) depending on whether the customer selects if they want to use a Credit Card or pay by Bank Account?  I think its confusing to see both options side by side.  The 'buttons' don't look like buttons either (white background with small text). I've tried using CSS to override these colors and size of SVG and text but to no avail. You can see the form at Thanks for any help or suggestions you might give! Diane  

1 Answers
Victor Font answered 4 months ago
You're out of luck Diane. The reason you can't change the appearance of the buttons is because the actual form is from Stripe. It's not on your site. If you examine the page's source code, you'll see the payment form is being loaded into an iframe from the Stripe website. You cannot change the appearance of content in an iframe.

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