Showing more than a form in one page

By: Mo Adam | Asked: 12/06/2022
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Mo Adam asked 1 year ago
Hello Folks, Which is better? Showing multiple forms in one page using JS. OR show 1 form per page. I have a lot forms and views that allow edit in same page and I am trying to find the best options for that scenario. Thanks 
1 Answers
Bobby Clapp answered 1 year ago
You may start to run into issues if you try do display the same form multiple times on a page. Other than that, it just depends on how taxing all the data/forms you are trying to display become. I find it easier to have forms and views on different pages, except for maybe an edit form, which I usually pop up in a modal through a button.
Mo Adam replied 1 year ago

Thanks for the clarification, I meant to show more than form (different forms), not same form.

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