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By: Eddie Kasper | Asked: 05/12/2023
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Eddie KasperEddie Kasper asked 11 months ago
We just got the Pro plan and installed the plugin.  We are completely overwhelmed with the backend and not sure what to do. Can you tell that we are a complete newbie in that we have never used the plugin before.

We just want a basic simple method of searching for Reps within a zip code.  The scenario:

User visit page and enters a zip code to find a Local Rep in his/her area.
Upon submission, this will redirect him/her to the page listing only the Local Rep(s) for that zip code.
If any of the zip codes they enter does not have a Local Rep, it should redirect to a generic page listing only the National Reps.

I have about 500 zips that will actually have Local Reps.

It's nothing fancy. I don't need all the whistles and bells. I just need it to show the Reps with basic profile infomation.

I just don't know where to start but I don't mind doing the work. I'm looking for some dummy down easy to follow tutorial(s).

Thank you.

Sergio Henriquez replied 11 months ago

Hi Eddie, were you able to find a solution? A search form is rather easy to accomplished. I had issues myself finding the solution, but I finally got the right feedback from tech support. I can gladly demonstrate to you how to create a search view.


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Victor Font answered 11 months ago
This isn't hard to do in Formidable, but the how to do it is determined by your requirements. Ultimately, you'll need to build one or more forms, if you need lookup fields, which may not be the case. For example, your search form could display a searchable dropdown of the zip codes in your rep entries. In the rep form, you could have the designation of national or regional and include all of your reps in one dataset. Building the view is simple. The view's dataset is filtered by the search criteria. You can conditionally show different datasets in the one view if you pass the correct parameters.
Victor Font replied 11 months ago

The Formidable Knowledge base has a lot of information about setting up views and forms and their YouTube channel is good, too. But, as a newbie, I highly suggest talking to an experienced Formidable developer to review your design. It could save you grief in the long run, especially if you run into a situation where you need some custom PHP or jQuery code written. You can find awesome developers at

Eddie KasperEddie Kasper answered 11 months ago
Hi. Thank you Victor for responding. 

Actually, I just want it to where the visitor to type in the zip code in a search form and then after clicking submit it will show a list of Reps. In some ways, it's kind of like a store locator with more precision, meaning that only Reps will appear for the specific zip code.

I hope I am making sense.

I look forward to reply. 
Victor Font replied 11 months ago

I've built Sales rep systems before. One requirement with previous clients was to handle reps that spanned multiple zips or shared zips. What you want to do is very simple. Use a search form for the user to choose a zip from a lookup field, and use the value as a view filter. Here are a couple of Formidable Knowledgebase articles that can get you started: and

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