Slow loading lookup field?

By: Kimberly Hargis | Asked: 05/30/2022
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Kimberly HargisKimberly Hargis asked 2 years ago
Hi, my lookup fields on are slow to load on the form. Are their any setting I can adjust on my form or hosting to make the lookup field dropdown to load faster?   Thank you
Bobby Clapp replied 2 years ago - Go to "Installation & Getting Started" and then "Frequently asked questions". Go through each of those. There are some PHP ini variables that can be tweaked to help with certain issues.

How many items is it trying to pull? It could be that your hosting service simply isn't sufficient.

1 Answers
Michael ClarkMichael Clark answered 1 year ago
Hi Kimberly, Not sure if you had any luck getting your system dialed in to make lookups run faster, so I'm chiming in with what I've found. I had a few lookups running poorly and changed the PHP setting of Max Input Variables to 10000. That made the lookups more performant for me. Hope this helps! 🤓

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