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By: Matheus Nascimento | Asked: 09/20/2023
Matheus Nascimento asked 7 months ago
Hello everyone, everything good? I have a problem with sending batch SMS, what happens... I need to send SMS about 15,000 daily and each person who receives this SMS would have their own link In other words, we will not have duplicate links, it would be unique, so each submission would be a different link. However, when I send it, the same link is going to everyone. I'm using this tool as a base: Could anyone help me with this issue? Remembering that it would be impossible to make these individual shipments, as there are around 15,000 shipments per day.
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Victor Font answered 7 months ago
Your Captura image shows you send the text when an entry is created. Are you actually receiving 15,000 new entries/day or are you sending texts to an existing list of 15,000 users?
Matheus Nascimento replied 7 months ago

I'm receiving it daily, I receive it in an XLS spreadsheet and transform it to CSV and import it into formidable

Matheus Nascimento replied 7 months ago

In this case, they are people who hire the company's service, this list is enough for us to send these links, which would be a confirmation link that this person actually accepted the service, which is why the issue of each link being unique

Victor Font replied 7 months ago

How are you generating the link? Is it included in the CSV file or are you creating it some other way?

Matheus Nascimento replied 7 months ago

We have already received the links along with the list of contacts in XLS and we transform them into CSV

Victor Font replied 7 months ago

If you're loading the link correctly through the CSV and all the links are unique, it's not possible to send the same link to 15,000 individuals unless you have a serious error in your process. Also, in your image, you have a view shortcode in the "To" field. Why are you using a view instead of the field ID?

I suggest you have someone look at your site to sort it out. You've got a mistake someplace and it may not be possible to solve the problem without getting eyes and hands on the code.

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