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By: Alavi Quraishi | Asked: 03/12/2024
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Alavi QuraishiAlavi Quraishi asked 2 months ago
When submitting a form I just get the circle spinning and the form does not move forward or show the successfully submitted message.   
2 Answers
Victor Font answered 2 months ago
Ajax errors are difficult to diagnose because the problem could be anywhere. Do you see the same symptoms when you turn off Ajax for the form?
Alavi QuraishiAlavi Quraishi replied 2 months ago

Hi Victor,

Thanks for reaching out, I had to go around the long way creating a staging site and was able to identify the plugin causing the issue. Removed it and we are good to go..

Victor Font replied 2 months ago

What's the conflicting plugin? Telling us could be helpful to others.

Alavi QuraishiAlavi Quraishi replied 2 months ago

<p>Hi Victor, This was the WP SMTP Mail plugin, soon as this was disabled/removed. Issue disappeared also any slow load times stopped instantly.</p>

Luis Gerardo Macareno Balderas answered 1 month ago
Hi There, i got the same issue, it was working fine may be days or weeks ago, now the Submit is just spinning, but for now it is on One of the bigest form of my site, i did the staging, but no positive results :( Any ideas are welcome
Luis Gerardo Macareno Balderas replied 1 month ago

Guys, it is fixed with the last plugin update 🙂

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