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By: Gary Ownsby | Asked: 06/16/2023
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Gary Ownsby asked 10 months ago
Hello, I have 1 form (15 data fields) which is initially completed by the public (anyone / no login required).  8 of its 10 fields of data are provided by the public; however, 7 additional fields of information are completed by staff when the submitted data is reviewed. I do not need nor want to set up WordPress Usernames/Passwords for staff but simply use the WP feature to require a password to view/access a page; however, the form needs to recognize that since a password was used, it's okay to let Staffers edit and add to the data submitted. I created a "view" then inserted the code ([display-frm-data id=9207]) into a normal WP page.  The password allows the page to be viewed by staff, but the View does not display the Edit / Delete buttons that are within the View layout.  I assume that is because no WP login through the normal username/password process was used. Is there a simple way for the page password to allow view/edit/delete of the data? Thank you. Gary  
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Victor Font answered 10 months ago
You can't bypass WordPress security. Passwords protect the page, but have nothing to do with form permissions. There may be a way to know if a password was used and write custom code to adjust Formidable on the fly, but it's something you'll have to research yourself. There's no precedent that I am aware of that can provide an example for you to follow to do what you want to do. Editing a form is set by user role. The workaround is to create a general user id and let all the staff use the same ID. You won't be able to audit who is making changes, but that does with the territory.
Gary Ownsby replied 10 months ago

Thank you for your reply.

We found perhaps an odd solution...a post-login redirect. When a staff member logs into WP, it redirects them to the WordPress page (a View), which is not otherwise visible to anyone other than a logged-in user with certain credentials. The normal Formidable "edit" / "delete" code was added to the List Page in View, so our staff can log in with their own credentials, get to the page automatically, then enter their notes in the various staff fields.

Seems to work well. We've tested it via several browsers to make sure nothing unexpected goes on but so far, so good.

Thank you again.


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