UPDATE: Stripe not working across multiple sites

By: Mark Henkelman | Asked: 03/04/2024
ForumsCategory: General questionsUPDATE: Stripe not working across multiple sites
Mark Henkelman asked 3 months ago

So after beating my head against wall I tried building a fresh payment form to test and low and behold it worked. So kept playing and discovered the issue is that the form won't submit and payments won't complete if there are two "Collect Payment" actions active in the actions & notifications list. I have used Stripe with 2 'collect payment' actions for years without incident and sometime in the last few days that has stopped working for me. I have one action for one-time payment, one for recurring payment and they are set to conditionally activate based on a radio button field (for "one time" and "Monthly" payments).

Has there been an update to the back end of Formidable in some way over the last few days that I didn't notice? what could have caused this to break across multiple sites? 

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Amanda Stagg answered 3 months ago
This isnt an answer, but just wanted to chime in and say this is happening across my site, too. I have conditional collect payments, and now that form doesn't submit when stripe is enabled on it.  I've yet to find a solution, but if I'm not mistaken, there was an update to the stripe add-on last week? But I can't find the add-on change log any more. 
Mark Henkelman replied 2 months ago

Did you find an answer to your issue? The 3.1.5 update to Stripe Payments fixed this issue for me.

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