Stripe Terminal Integration or Solution for In Person Payments

By: AJ Shippy140 | Asked: 06/05/2023
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AJ Shippy140 asked 11 months ago
We currently have a client intake form - wanting to see if we can move away from our current POS system and use formidable forms to accept client payments In person. 

Is there a current integration with Stripe Terminal? Or a way that we can input the customer order via formidable and accept an in person payment via Stripe or any other payment provider by swiping the customer CC? Open to any ideas on the best way to accomplish this.
3 Answers
Michael ClarkMichael Clark answered 11 months ago
Might be worth it to set up a little lab? There's no Formidable documentation regarding Stripe Terminal, but you're looking to build a solution and since there's integration between FF and WooCommerce, you could get a WC extension that supports Terminal (YiTH and Arcane, for instance), and the use Formidable to make your custom WC forms. I did one for a mobile food service and the biggest challenge was the receipt printer. They didn't want to use tablets in the truck, and wanted little paper tickets like in the restaurant. Zapier, a cloud print service, and a wifi-enabled receipt printer were the fix for that. Again, a little lab might be the thing.
Victor Font answered 11 months ago
The Stripe Terminal API docs say, "You can build with our server-driven integration (US only), or with a platform-specific SDK using Android, iOS, or JavaScript." Since you can use JavaScript, you can integrate with Formidable. There's also a list of approved card readers.
AJ Shippy140 answered 10 months ago
Thanks everyone! Looking in to this now!

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