struggling with displaying a view (with a repeater) after entry is submitted.

By: jamie gagne | Asked: 01/13/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsstruggling with displaying a view (with a repeater) after entry is submitted.
jamie gagne asked 1 year ago

I have a form that collects a little user info than has a repeating section that collects details about each thing that they have (in this case server instances but no matter)

So i created a view of the repeater(child) and set it to filter with 'Parent entry ID is equal to [get param=p_id]'

I then create another view with the parent form and in the detail page content I added  '[display-frm-data id=1801 p_id="[id]"]' also the parent view is limited to display only 1 entry

The parent form has a filter set to "entry key is equal to [get param=entry_key default="none"]" 1801 is the child forms ID I also tried inserting the display-frm-data code in the listing page content box

finally, I create a page, and go back to the form, goto settings and change the redirect url to go to[key]

The only thing that gets rendered on the page is the title of the view. I can't see anything helpful in devTools.... what am I doing wrong here? scratch that, not seeing the view title it's the pages title i'm seeing....

Bobby Clapp replied 1 year ago

Debug and start with that. Do you get anything if you remove the parent form view filter?

1 Answers
Chris Titus answered 1 year ago
Try adding this to your parent View ... [display-frm-data id=x p_id="[id]"] Replace 'x' with your Child View ID.  Set the Child View to All Entries Child View has a filter of Parent entry ID equal to [get param=p_id] This just worked for me
Keith Fowlkes replied 11 months ago

Chris, thanks for this. I've done what you have shown above and the preview of the view works perfectly for my parent and my child but when I try and view it on an actual page, it says no entries found. Any thoughts? Thanks much!

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