styling likert field: one-row to stacked responses without wrapped intermediate

By: Jim Proctor | Asked: 03/02/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsstyling likert field: one-row to stacked responses without wrapped intermediate
Jim Proctor asked 1 year ago
Greetings, I have experimented with the Bootstrap features for mobile devices, but can't get the result I need. I have a survey with a 5-response Likert field, which respondents complete on desktop or mobile screens. I see three ways the five Likert responses are formatted:
  1. Full width (desktop): All responses on same row...fine
  2. Intermediate width (desktop or mobile): Wrapped, so that five responses typically on two lines...a bit clumsy/confusing for respondents
  3. Narrow width (mobile): All responses stacked, one per row...also fine
How might I eliminate the intermediate view of response options? It would seem that editing an @media CSS might work, but I can't find the right one. (I'm not sure the Bootstrap features will work, as they seem to apply to the entire field including question, not just responses.) Thank you for any suggestions! Jim P. 
1 Answers
Jim Proctor answered 1 year ago
Btw, I just bumped into this PHP snippet, which only affects transition from full to intermediate width display, I believe: Jim 

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