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By: Thomas Kutscher | Asked: 03/21/2024
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Thomas Kutscher asked 4 weeks ago
Is there a way to style the summary page using CSS? I have repeater fields in my form that contain 10 fields each. If the summary page shows four completed repeater fields, you can't really pinpoint the repeater sections. I want to separate them a little more. Any ideas? thanks, tom
Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 4 weeks ago

Can you provide a link to the page?

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Thomas Kutscher answered 4 weeks ago

Dear Rob,i can't provide a link because it's an internal hr-form - not for the public. But see the screenshot attached. The bordered fields are repeater-fields. They are shown as one row after another by default. I want them to have a border or a shadow around. So that it's easier to see the beginning and the end of each block of reapeater-field entries.thanks, tom

Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 4 weeks ago
Without the actual page, it's a guess. You can try adding the following CSS to the Before Fields section of the form (making sure to wrap it in the HTML style tags) table.frm-line-table { border-collapse: separate; border-spacing: 0 50px; } Change 50px to whatever number makes it look better
Thomas Kutscher answered 4 weeks ago

i am not sure how to implement your style tags.For now i find the following tags inside the "before fields" section:<legend class="frm_screen_reader">[form_name]</legend>
[if form_name]<h3 class="frm_form_title">[form_name]</h3>[/if form_name]
[if form_description]<div class="frm_description">[form_description]</div>[/if form_description]  

which html-tag should i use to wrap your css suggestion?
thanks, tom

Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 4 weeks ago
Thomas Kutscher replied 4 weeks ago

thanks 😉 but that causes all rows to have a 50px margin to the following row. it's more "stretched" than before. i can't find a seperate tag for the repeater fields or where to define one

Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 4 weeks ago
Sorry, but I can't take this any further without seeing the actual page. I'm sure others can CSS code without the page, but not me.
Thomas Kutscher replied 4 weeks ago

thank you so much, anyway 🙂 Have great time! tom

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