Tag user in slack based on check box selection

By: James Dickson-Wild | Asked: 08/16/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsTag user in slack based on check box selection
James Dickson-Wild asked 8 months ago
Hello, I have a form that lists users available to tag in slack (checkbox). I have separate field values for them so that I can pass this info in to Zapier to complete the action. They look like this:   <@u123456>   Unfortunately this info isn't passed through to Zapier when the form is completed, everything else is. I'm not sure how to resolve this and not sure what to search for in the forum's.   Any help would be greatly appreciated! James
Victor Font replied 8 months ago

For anyone to know the answer, they would have to have this same setup as you or be intimately familiar with Zapier's Slack connector. To venture a guess, it may have to do with the HTML entity characters. Maybe you have to pass them as entities and not characters.

Did you ask anyone one in a Zapier or Slack API related forum. Formidable only sends the data. If it's being rejected, you have to investigate what Zapier and/or Slack expect as data values. You need to check their API documents.

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