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By: M M | Asked: 09/23/2023
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M M asked 7 months ago

I have a lot of data in a form named Data.

It is using a basic template it seems

I just saw the sample template Mortgage Applications and would like to use that template.

Is it possible to simply use a new template with data from an existing one?

If so, how?

I am asking first because I really don't want to lose all this data

Thank you
1 Answers
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 7 months ago
A "template" is just a form and like any other form, you can assign whatever fields you want and import a CSV into it, mapping the fields of the CSV to your new form.
M M replied 7 months ago

so if I do that will the Entry Keys be changed? I really need them to remain the same

M M replied 7 months ago

Couldn't I simply import the Style as that is what I really want.

I am trying that but it doesn't seem to work

Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 7 months ago

If you map the entry key field to the correct column in your CSV file, it should use that. I suggest testing it on a single record first and see what happens.

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