The form adds a number to the field key

By: Sara psachos | Asked: 02/09/2023
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Sara psachos asked 1 year ago
We are pulling in MLS data to auto fill form fields. We had one form created, duplicated it and made adjustments for a slightly different second form we need. We need both versions of the form. The duplicated form is adding a "4" to the end of every Field Key (see screen capture). This is keeping our MLS data from filling in the form fields. We have tried deleting the "4" and saving but as soon as we refresh the page the "4" comes back. I really don't want to have to recreated this form from scratch. Any ideas on how to get the "4" permanently removed from the Field Key?
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Victor Font answered 1 year ago
The 4 is probably there because you have multiple fields with the same key. How many times did you duplicate the form? Field keys must be unique for every field. Now duplicates allowed. If Formidable finds a duplicate, it changes the duplicate’s name to ensure uniqueness by adding a number. 
Sara psachos replied 1 year ago

The same field is in two separate forms but it is not duplicated within a single form. Can I not have the same form field (field key) in two separate forms?

The form was duplicated 4 times since the original creation. I was testing various versions. But there are no duplicate field keys within a single form.

Victor Font replied 1 year ago

You can have fields with the same label and type, but fields ids and keys must be unique across the entire system.

Max Tymoshyn answered 1 year ago
I have a summary page, so when user land on it after the form submission - I get data he entered from the API and show it on the page. And if the duplication of the form change field keys (that unlogical, why each form don't have it's own namespace) - I need to duplicate the same summary page and add there new new fields to show 

But I need just one summary page, and land there 20 duplicated forms for testing purposes, they are look similar and it's crazy to make 20 summary pages and support all of them
Victor Font replied 1 year ago

Changing field keys is not illogical in a metadata design. Every data element must be uniquely identifiable by id and key and each field must be associated with a single form. Formidable is doing it the correctly.

You haven't explained why you're duplicating the form so frequently. What problem are you trying to solve?

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