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By: Enrico Brugnoni | Asked: 07/18/2023
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Enrico Brugnoni asked 9 months ago

In formidable forms there is a very useful feature of "conditional logic", in which you can hide or show a filed based upon the value of another field.
Is it possible to do such a thing with a file upload?
For example, field 1 is shown when a file is uploaded in the file upload field.
(in general, if there is a way, even through php code, to see if a certain file upload field has a file uploaded)

Holger F replied 5 months ago

Hi, yes, that would be very good. Conditional logic in forms for upload field seems not to work out of the box.

1 Answers
Victor Font answered 5 months ago
Because file upload fields work with AJAX, the best approach would be to use jQuery to display the conditional field. On the form, customize the field's HTML to hide the field with CSS. Then create your jQuery snippet to monitor the AJAX.complete() event. When you determine that the file upload field AJAX executes, you can read the results and set the field to display with
Holger F replied 5 months ago

Hi Victor, thank you for your answer. This is how it show work. I will ask someone to help me get this done with your great instruction. THX

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