Twilio SMS

By: Ronnie H | Asked: 10/28/2022
Ronnie H asked 1 year ago
When sending SMS through Twilio SMS what happens to the messages that are incoming from responses? For example if we send out a bulk message saying, please visit out site and someone(a lead) responds "ok" what happens when they(the lead) sends that ok message?    Thanks
1 Answers
Bobby Clapp answered 1 year ago
Depends really. You define the number to send messages from. If that is something you have access to with a service capable of responding to messages, you'll get them back that way.
Ronnie H replied 1 year ago

Can I set that up in Twilio?

Bobby Clapp replied 1 year ago

Tell it the number to use? That's exactly what has to be done.

Ronnie H replied 1 year ago

Ok thank you

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