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By: Fain Fain | Asked: 10/14/2022
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Fain Fain asked 2 years ago

I have a form with a file upload option.  The problem is that there is no way to delete the file once it's uploaded. Neither at the time the form is being filled out nor after the form has been submitted. Even on the backend as an Admin, I cannot delete it. I discovered that the BuddyBoss Platform that I am using is causing the little x in a circle to not show up. I'm new to WP, but I thought it was odd that the BB plugin would affect how things look on the WP backend. I could understand the x being missing because of some conflict on the front end. ??? Regardless, does anyone know a work around for this? Thanks!   Attached is a pic looking at the WP backend in the Formidable Forms Entries area. The left is a submission view when BuddyBoss is active. There is no x or other way to delete the upload. The right is the same form submission when I deactivate BuddyBoss. It has an x and I can easily delete the upload.

Victor Font replied 8 months ago

I think I might have found why this is happening in 6.4.2. The link to the icon is being generated. In the inspector, it has a size of 0 x 0, which usually indicates a CSS issue. The link element has the following classes defined: "dz-remove frm_icon_font frm_cancel1_icon". The inspector's style editor shows much for .dz-remove.frm_icon_font, but the frm_cancel1_icon class name doesn't exist in the CSS file.

I searched through Formidable Pro's source code and frm_cancel1_icon appears 5 times. Here's where frm_cancel1_icon is referenced:

formidable-pro/classes/models/fields/FrmProFieldPassword.php line 188
formidable-pro/classes/views/frmpro-fields/front-end/file.php line 75
formidable-pro/js/formidablepro.min.js line 21
formidable-pro/js/frm.min.jsl ine 96
formidable-pro/js/formidablepro.js line 454

The class name does not appear anywhere else in Pro. So, I searched through Formidable. The font_icons.css file that defines the class is loaded both by Formidable and Formidable Pro, but only for the signature add-on. It doesn't look like the new font icons are loading for dropzone.

Since this appears to be a bug, it should be reported to Formidable support with these findings.

Paul Bruikman replied 8 months ago

<p>Interesting and comprehensive debug. Here's hoping for a quick update to fix this. I can already think of another site that I built for a real estate agent who will start asking me questions when his formidable auto-updates and stuff breaks.</p><p>Speaking of bugs, why do these paragraph tags get added here in my post when I edit it...</p>

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Fain Fain answered 2 years ago
UPDATE: Kristine at customer support found a work around with custom CSS:  
.dz-details, .dz-message {
      display: block !important;
Victor Font answered 2 years ago

You can delete uploaded files from the media library.

Julian BabalauJulian Babalau answered 1 year ago
Hello, we have same problem, once the file is uploaded it cannot be deleted because little x in a circle do not show up. Unfortunately I cannot tell why it is not working anymore, maybe after some update. Can somebody help?
Fabrizio Massimo Ferrara answered 8 months ago
I have the same problem since a few days with the new version 6.4.2 the cicled "X" icon near the name of the uploaded file, necessary for deleting it, does not appear, neither in the "Preview on an empty page" in the Formidable section, not in the front-end of the site. On the opposite it is correctly shown if I try to roughfly enter or update the entry using Formidate secrion of the form (see attaced file) In previous versions of Formidable, this problem did not appear and everything was working fine.  The attached file shows the different behaviour, and the underlying HTML code of the page. The big problem is that the site is now operational in the production environment and this bug is really blocking. Does someone have some ideas on how to solve that ? Thanks a lot !  
Paul Bruikman answered 8 months ago
Same here. It is caused by the 6.4.2 update. I thought I was in trouble, somehow glad to see others see it too. On one of my other sites that still had 6.4.1 the delete cross was still there, but no longer after update to 6.4.2.
Fabrizio Massimo Ferrara replied 8 months ago

Yes, you are right. After several mails with the support, they recognized the problem and suggested me to rollback to a previous version

Victor Font answered 8 months ago
This issue was fixed in v6.4.3. Update Formidable Lite and Pro. 

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