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By: Rudi JvR | Asked: 06/08/2023
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Rudi JvR asked 1 year ago

Hi,   Really hope someone can assist - I'm passing a parameter in a custom URL to a form on the destination page. I can't seem to get the destination page with the form to select the value in the Lookup field I'm referencing in the URL.  


Here is an example of my custom URL which passes the parameter value which exist in the form lookup for Field ID 121 (defined as: group):



In the Form setting I set a confirmation Redirect as follows: https://mysite.online/?page_id=1411/?group=[121 sanitize_url=1]&level1=[227]&level2=[123 sanitize_url=1]&level3=[124 sanitize_url=1]  


What am I missing? 

Victor Font replied 1 year ago

Here are a couple of diagnostic questions:

1. Do you have [get param=group] as the default value in field 121?

2. What type of lookup field are you using: Standard where you manually create the list of values, or either the Dynamic or Lookup type that derives its content from another form's field.

Rudi JvR replied 1 year ago

This helped a lot, thank you. Point 1 was what I was missing - default value [get param=group]

Regarding point 2: The field I'm populating is a lookup field pulling it's value from a lookup of values created from another form. Are there anything I should know or be aware of with this configuration? I tested this on 2 fields and it appears to be working correctly.

I can't thank you enough for the prompt guidance to a positive result.

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