Use WooCommerce Qty In Conditional Formula

By: Nic Windley | Asked: 08/16/2022
ForumsCategory: General questionsUse WooCommerce Qty In Conditional Formula
Nic Windley asked 2 years ago

Can anyone in the community advise if there is a way to use the WooCommerce product quantity in a conditional formula ?

Nic Windley replied 2 years ago

OK, this requires some coding to get better integration with Woo which I've now resolved.

2 Answers
Larry Kolinek answered 1 year ago
Hi @Nic Windley , Are you using FF woo integration on your WC site? Like to create product pages or restriction standard WC pages? thanks
Nic Windley answered 1 year ago
The FF forms are being used with Woo to allow customers to customise product options on the front end and determine the resulting price (unit and total) based on various factors including quantity.
Larry Kolinek replied 1 year ago

ah.. thanks... so using FF to "only" customize a product. Nice.

So the integration is seamless? No problems?

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