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By: andrew Olson | Asked: 09/23/2023
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andrew Olson asked 7 months ago
I was wondering if I can connect multiple forms to a table saved in MySql for updating data. Expanding data.........  Not sure if formidable forms use MySql as the source of data.   Simple examples of what I am trying to accomplish
  1. Customer Summits a request. - record created in MySql
  2. My team evaluates the request and updates it - Record updated in SQL via a different form
  3. Customer approves the update - This would be via email text.... - This would ultimately be updated in the MySQL record
  4. Team - Assigns a team member to work complete the request. - Form to complete this task Form listed in 2 would do this and update the SQL table
So what I need is the ability to create a new record on a Mysql table then other form / s would connect to that table and when opened a staff member could filter down to a specific record to update.  Is this possible with mysql or is there a better alternative to this/   Thanks Andy          
1 Answers
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 7 months ago
That is totally accomplishable.  See an example like this -  You will have to know how to code PHP, at the very least.
andrew Olson replied 7 months ago

well if it can be done then PHP will be my friend. I do know TSQL and PSQL quite well so hopefully not a huge leap

Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 7 months ago

I wish you luck. You can always reach out to a developer as well.

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