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By: Barbara Brennan | Asked: 11/06/2022
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Barbara Brennan asked 1 year ago
I removed 2 x entries from a submitted repeater form and updated. These 2 entries still show in a view however. Did all the usual clear cache etc. but still there.  I then deleted the original form and they are STILL there in the view. Does anyone know where I can find this on the server php to delete once and for all? Many thanks Barbara    
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Victor Font answered 1 year ago
Data is not stored in server PHP. Data is stored in database tables. This is the Formidable schema: You can delete records using SQL through your site's PHPMyAdmin tool. I don't know why deleting repeater records from the front end would still show the records in a view. That doesn't make sense, but you can delete them manually.
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 1 year ago
When you say you deleted them, how exactly did you do it?  Are they no longer in the form when you edit it?  If you go to the import/export feature in Formidable and export the repeater form (it's kind of a sub-form of its parent and not shown in the regular list of forms) are the entries still there?  Getting answers to these questions will definitively tell you if the data is still in the database.  If it is actually cached in Formidable somewhere (which happened to me once when I was deleting programmatically), there's no way to cache it in the "usual ways", you'll have to write a PHP program to do it, at least from my experience.
Barbara Brennan answered 1 year ago
Hi Rob I deleted them by simply editing the form. I did export the csv file and they are not there. I decided to delete the form entirely and they still appear in the view. I'm going to have to ask the user to re-subit the form (bit embarrassing) but even more embarrassing is the fact that these two rogue entries are still there. She won't be impressed that her view is not correct. Any ideas?  
Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 1 year ago

I don't have any ideas. Debugging is a service I offer if you are able to give me the WP id/pwd and the ability to connect to the phpMySQLAdmin. You can email me at [email protected]

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