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By: Will J | Asked: 05/13/2024
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Will J asked 2 weeks ago

For some reason over the last couple days, when I make changes to certain views, the updates don't take. I update, go back in and it shows the right code. Then I test it & they don't show up on my website. When I go all the way out of the view and come back in, it shows the old code like I never made any changes at all. Any ideas? Changes are updated, however, in views that use the entries from the same form, so can't see where settings would be a problem.

(Also, as commented in a different question, when I try to bulk "DELETE ALL" in entries, it takes me to Page Not Found, instead of deleting the entries. Not sure if the two issues are related...database corruption?)

1 Answers
Victor Font answered 2 weeks ago
You database is not corrupted. You wouldn't be able to use WordPress if it was. It sounds like you got some king of caching issue going on. Clear all caches, resave permalinks, and if all else fails, contact your web host for support.
Will J replied 2 weeks ago

Could the issue of bulk deletion not working also be a cashing issue?

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