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By: Adam Casto | Asked: 04/08/2022
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Adam CastoAdam Casto asked 2 years ago

Is Visual Views now the de facto views going foward? Just noticed some differences in the View docs to what I was seeing in a backend with classic Views installed and that it was still on v4.0.05 while Visual Views appear to be current in 5.x. Is the classic view plugin essentially frozen development wise? Just wondering if I need to be pushing for people to upgrade if they have a grandfathered license.

Steve WellsSteve Wells replied 2 years ago

Hey Adam, great question! Yes The Visual Views is the de facto view builder going forward. We are maintaining the classic views to maintain comparability, but they won’t be getting any new feature development.

Visual Views on the other hand have some really cool enhancements and features planned.

Adam CastoAdam Casto replied 2 years ago

Excellent. Thanks!

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