Where are field calculations specified, when not in the field options?

By: Eric scoles | Asked: 04/02/2024
ForumsCategory: General questionsWhere are field calculations specified, when not in the field options?
Eric scoles asked 3 weeks ago

I'm working with a time reporting form that includes a lot of calculations, but none of them seem to be specified in the form itself.

For example, I have 14 total hours fields that display values calculated from start, break start, break stop, & stop times in the column above. But the calculations aren't specified in the field itself.

Assuming this was built by a person experienced working with Formidable, where would these calculations live?

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Victor Font answered 3 weeks ago
Code can be located in a variety of places and it depends whether the calculations are being performed in the browser in real time with jQuery or on the server with PHP. Is there a code snippets plugin? Are external libraries being loaded in functions.php? Does the theme or page builder allow for snippet insertion? If there's no support documentation for the system you're working on, it's unfortunate you don't have that guidance, but in this case, you're on own to find out where the previous dev stashed away the code.
Eric scoles replied 3 weeks ago

<p>thanks - see answer below (hadn't refreshed the page) - it's in custom theme code. (Real-time, so JQuery.)</p>

Eric scoles answered 3 weeks ago
In this case, the answer turns out to be: As custom JQuery code in the theme.

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