Who developed the Formidable Forms addon to wpDataTables?

By: Dan Zahlis | Asked: 06/27/2022
ForumsCategory: General questionsWho developed the Formidable Forms addon to wpDataTables?
Dan ZahlisDan Zahlis asked 2 years ago
I continue to search for a way to filter charts using custom user meta fields. It would be ideal to use the same short code used to filter table views ([user_meta key=custom_user_meta_field]) and/or have the chart inherit the filter of its parent table. I discovered that wpDataTables enables charts/graphs to "follow the data filtering" of a table but they cannot limit the data table using custom user meta fields. I would like to know who authored the wpDataTables/FF addon so that I can explore the possibility of sponsoring the development of this functionality.
2 Answers
Bobby Clapp answered 2 years ago
Dan ZahlisDan Zahlis replied 2 years ago

Thank you, Bobby. I'm waiting to hear back from this ticketing system regarding the same question. Are you suggesting that TMS Plugins is responsible for the integration between wpDataTables and Formidable Forms?

Bobby Clapp replied 2 years ago

Yes. If you go to https://wpdatatables.com/ and click "contact", you will end up where I linked.

Victor Font answered 2 years ago

As an FYI, the WPDatatables plugin uses jQuery Datatables as its "engine". You can use the jQuery add-on directly without the WordPress plugin. It's a little complicated to use directly. The plugin makes setup easier. https://datatables.net/

BTW, filtering charts is much easier if you use ChartsJS to display Formidable data instead of the built in functionality that integrates with Google Charts.

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