Why is Formidable executing queries while I'm saving a Page in WordPress admin?

By: George Plumley | Asked: 11/25/2022
ForumsCategory: General questionsWhy is Formidable executing queries while I'm saving a Page in WordPress admin?
George Plumley asked 1 year ago
I have a couple of my own custom shortcodes on a WordPress Page, and part of what these shortcodes do is display Formidable Forms Views or run javascripts that access FF fields. When I'm simply updating the page, it's taking >15 seconds and running over 1,800 queries. Via Query Monitor I'm seeing all kinds of Formidable Forms database calls, as if it's processing what's in those shortcodes (see attachment). Not sure what's going on here.    
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George Plumley answered 1 year ago
Well well - it's Site Origin that's somehow executing code during the Update process. Placed both shortcodes in WordPress Classic Editor mode and the page updates in 1.5 seconds with only 157 queries. And, interestingly, when I view the page on the front end, it loads faster than the Site Origin version. I've been having front-end speed issues with some complex FF Views - will see if this resolves those as well. Thanks so much! GP
George Plumley replied 1 year ago

Turns out that Site Origin keeps a rendered version of the page as a backup - thus, if the plugin was removed, the page would still show up as it normally should. I wasn't aware of this behaviour, and I've never had the behaviour cause issues on the many sites where I use it. You can, however, turn off the behaviour, and that has resolved the slowness in Updating, while still being able to use Site Origin for the site.

Victor Font answered 1 year ago
How are you placing the custom shortcodes on the page? Are you using the shortcode or HTML block?
George Plumley answered 1 year ago
Good point, Victor. My shortcodes are inside Site Origin Editor widgets. I'll test it on a page that's just using the WordPress Classic Editor.

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