Wrong password redirects to original WP login page - how to fix?

By: Asher Jacobsberg | Asked: 08/23/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsWrong password redirects to original WP login page - how to fix?
Asher Jacobsberg asked 8 months ago
I've set up a custom login page, which works fine for a registered user with the right password, but if you enter the wrong username or password, you get taken to the normal WP login page. I don't imagine this is the default behaviour. Any suggestions for how I can troubleshoot this? You can try here to see what I mean: https://staging.epas.org.uk/login/
1 Answers
Asher Jacobsberg answered 8 months ago
Aha! I have answered my own question. I hadn't set up the login pages in the plugin yet. In case anyone else has the same issue (i.e. didn't follow the instructions carefully enough, like me!): go into wp-admin and set the correct pages in Formidable > Global Settings > Registration.

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