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By: Francesco Brogi | Asked: 04/10/2024
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Francesco Brogi asked 2 months ago
Hi there,
I am having an issue with a form: when I update an entry, rarely it happens that I click on UPDATE and wordpress gives me an error along these lines: \\\"You don\\\'t have permission to access this page.\\\" and then I lose all the changes made. It happens also that the repeaters don\\\'t show any fields (this is not connected to any conditional logic), I update and I receive a similar message to the above. I am confused because I might have worked on the changes for almost 30 minutes or sometimes an hour and then I have to do it all again.  I contacted Formidable Forms support and they couldn\\\'t help me or replicate the issue. I am using a series of plugins nad amongst those there is \\\"Restrict Content\\\". I\\\'m not sure if it glitches sometimes or what, but I really don\\\'t know what to do.  I turned on the debug mode and even when the issue happened, nothing got registered. Does anyone have any idea? Thank you! Take care Francesco
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Victor Font answered 1 month ago
I'm sorry you are experiencing these rare problems, but without accessing your site to run some diagnostics, I don't know how to help you solve. I would start by turning off everything Ajax related in Formidable and see of the problem still occurs. If the problem clears up, then the issue lies someplace between your browser and the server and it could be anything bandwidth or performance related. Make sure you clear all caches as well.
Francesco Brogi replied 2 weeks ago

Hi Victor, thank you for your response and sorry for not getting back to you. Ajax was already disabled. And the problem is still happening. Any other suggestions?

Francesco Brogi replied 2 weeks ago

Are there any diagnostic tools that can help me to see what the issue might be? This error is quite random and I can't replicate it. Even if I deactivate a plugin I might not have actual feedback for a month or two.

Tyler W answered 4 weeks ago
Also experiencing these issues.  Seems to be incredibly rare that it directs you to a WP error but if you go back and resubmit then it goes through just fine.  Would ideally like to not have to disable ajax to work around this problem.

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